Finanzamt Neubrandenburg (RiA)Central Tax Office for pensioners residing abroad

Remarks on e-mail correspondence

You can send messages, applications or questions to Neubrandenburg Tax Office via e-mail as well ( ). However, please understand that we can only read and deal with e-mails if they are written in the German language!

Please note that e-mails must clearly show who sent them, otherwise the Tax Office cannot answer. Therefore, besides your complete name, please also always state your address, your telephone number and your tax number.

If you wish to send attachments with your e-mail, please save these in the “pdf” format.

You can send all letters and applications (e.g. application to have a notice of tax assessment amended, enquiry about the status of the processing of your case, application for a deadline extension) to the Tax Office by e-mail, as well as appeals. Please note, however, that you bear the risk that the e-mail might not be properly delivered; this applies in particular in cases where there is a deadline to be met.

For sending applications and statements which require a signature, e-mail is allowed only if the document is signed and then scanned. This is the case, for example, with tax returns, notices of assignment or when notifying the Tax Office of a bank account to which refunds should go, as well as when waiving tax secrecy or sending a declaration of consent to the use of e-mail for correspondence (see below).

It is not yet possible to communicate with the tax offices by means of encrypted e-mails. For the time being, therefore, for reasons of tax secrecy we are permitted to answer you by e-mail only as regards very general questions. The Tax Office will be at pains to give you the information you desire. If this is not possible by e-mail in order to preserve tax secrecy, you will receive the answer by post.

If you would like to receive the answer from the Tax Office by e-mail all the time – even if details of your personal circumstances are involved – then you must give your express consent for this. Below you will find a model for this declaration of consent in the form of a file which you can download (available only in the German language).

If you give your consent to correspond by e-mail, you at the same time undertake to check your e-mail post-box regularly for messages and to open new e-mails without delay. All letters from the revenue administration are deemed to have been delivered as soon as they are available for download in your personal mailbox.

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